The Making of Ghillie Suit

The Half Cut is just a base for building a ghillie, obviously its features help with adopting to Asia tropical environment.  In order to complete a ghillie, you will have to knit another layer on top.There are many options out there, so keep your eyes open and use our guide as a reference.

Human shape stand out in natural environment, especially in dense jungle. On the right hand side, you see how Half Cut Ghillie in MultiCam© Tropic breaks the outline and blend in.

1. The purpose of a ghillie is to break up the outline of a human body, namely head and shoulder. Thus along the hood and shoulder area, there are paracord nets where you could tie the jute on .

Before and After, Red Arrows highted all the possible attachment points (Note the randomness).

In our package, we provide 3 main color of Jute (Olive Drab, Light Brown, Dark Brown)

2. To tie the jute, pick a handful of jute (6-14, be random) fold them in half. Tie them randomly along the net. Don’t forget to spread them along the net.

A) You can attached to the Paracord or the Knot.  B) Go thru the loop.  C) Tighten it.    Remember to revert the loop every now and then.

3. Those webbings are here for attaching vegetation, tie rubber band on it. At the location of concealment, cut vegetation, and use the rubber band to hold.

D) Webbings are sewed randomly on the Half Cut.  E) Thick Rubber Band seems to work best.  F) You can then use the rubber band loop to attach.

4. After all these being done, time to give it that natural look (A.K.A. Chaotic Look), Wash it!

5. You will notice how the jute becomes fluffy and have that "volumne" after drying, and there you go~