Replacement or Missing Parts


Please read this before communicating further with us.

First of all, we are the distributor for AFV Club in Hong Kong, and we are not the manufacturer. They are in Taiwan.

However, as part of the customer service, we are authorized to deal with request of ‘Replacement’ or ‘Missing Part’ as we can communicate better and faster in English.

If you are making a claim, please contact the shop or seller who sells you the kits, as they took your money, NOT us!

If you have a complaint about the kit, we are more than happy to listen and we will pass it (and translate them) to AFV Club in Taiwan.

If it is about fault parts, you also have to bring it up with the shop or seller, a proof of purchase is normally required before you do anything else. Garage and 2nd hand sale or discount kit usually have problem such as missing parts or something else if you are paying less than normal price, therefore, you will have to consider the RISK before taking the chance.

If you have legitimate request for replacement parts, decal or even instruction sheet, you will have to pay for the cost, if they are still available, plus handling and postage.

Give us the kit number, tell us the problem, and what are you after in an email, sent it to [email protected] as message from Facebook is difficult for us to track what had happened.

Please note we only accept Payapl as method of payment! As Paypal, packaging and postage which all cost, and please be prepared to pay a minimum of US$10 to begin with.

It may also take a while for replacement, so please be patient and if you are willing to accept the above, then write to us.